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Steven Soderbergh coming out of retirement to direct Channing Tatum heist movie

on February 04, 2016, 11:05am

Following the release of his 2013 film Side Effects, director Steven Soderbergh said he was finally making good on his promise to retire from Hollywood. He began transitioning into television, directing every episode of the first two seasons of Cinemax’s The Knick, and the Emmy-winning HBO movie Behind the Candelabra. Now, reports indicate that a mysterious new script has drawn the Oscar-winning director back to the big screen.

According to Variety, Soderbergh will direct a film called Lucky Logan starring his Magic Mike lead Channing Tatum. Not much is known about the script itself, but apparently Soderbergh was so taken by the concept that he was willing to re-enter the Tinseltown game.

However, the director called into question the accuracy of Variety’s story in a series of tweets. Still, he only said the story was “wrong” and not entirely false, after which Variety amended their article to remove mention of Matt Damon’s possible involvement and change the film’s title from Hillbilly Heist to Lucky Logan.

Deadline, meanwhile, reported the movie’s title accurately, and added that they were hearing Michael Shannon would be co-starring.

Whether the Traffic and Ocean’s Eleven director is really returning or not isn’t entirely clear at this point. If he is, it’s likely to be some time before we see the film, as Soderbergh is currently setting up his Mosaic project with Sharon Stone at HBO, and Tatum is gearing up to shoot Gambit in the spring. We may have to keep our eyes on CATSTER as we await final confirmation.