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Stream: New Jersey punks ROMP’s debut album Departure From Venus — listen

on February 26, 2016, 3:00pm

Online dating can be pretty damn depressing 99% of the time, but who’s to say that other 1% won’t lead to starting a great pop-punk band? ROMP vocalist/keyboardist Madison Klarer and guitarist Lucas Dalakian didn’t exactly find love when they met on Tinder in 2014, but they did find the perfect person with which to write “angry pop music.” And really, that’s a lot more interesting than falling in love.

In a way, the entire band came together by way of blind date. “None of us were friends or knew each other before a year ago,” Klarer says. One thing the New Jerseyans all shared in common? A deep, abiding commitment to New Brunswick’s basement punk scene. You can hear that in a song like “Backfire”, the opening track on the band’s debut full-length Departure From Venus. It’s a bonafide punk ripper that combines the aggressive guitar melodies of Screaming Females with the infectious pop of The Ergs!.

“This album marks a big change in my life,” Klarer reflects. “[It] was written and recorded during the second half of college which also happened to be the time that I was establishing an identity for myself.” Dalakian praises producer Jesse Cannon (Man Overboard, Somos) for helping the band build on their first EP. “We wanted to write songs that were going to be catchy enough for people to sing, and fun for us to play live,” he explains. Listening to this record for the first, second, third, and fourth time, it’s clear that they did just that.

ROMP will release Departure From Venus via Bad Timing Records on March 4th (pre-orders are going on here), but you can stream the full album via the YouTube playlist below.