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Ted Cruz unable to answer question about his favorite band, because he’s a human robot

on February 08, 2016, 3:52pm

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich has promised that, if elected, he would reunite Pink Floyd. It appears unlikely human robot Ted Cruz will take up a similar position. Asked recently Head Count about his favorite musician, Cruz stared blankly into the camera, gave a half-ass chuckle, and quickly scampered away. Perhaps he was scared of saying something that would anger Adele, or maybe by saying Canada’s own Nickelback he knew the whole birther controversy would regain traction. Either way, it looks like he’ll have difficulty courting indie rockers like Ezra Koenig and Kurt Vile away from Bernie Sanders.

Cruz’s non-answer appears in a brief video from Head Count that seeks to learn more about New Hampshire’s young voters ahead of Tuesday’s primary. The Cruz cameo appears at the 2:24 mark, and I can’t stop watching it.