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Ty Segall stars in bloody new Emotional Mugger video — watch

on February 02, 2016, 12:50pm

Ty Segall has a reputation for being one of today’s most prolific musicians, and, judging by the last few months alone, he’s certainly earned that title. In October, he put out II, the latest album under his FUZZ moniker, and just the other week, he let loose the eighth studio LP under his own name, Emotional Mugger.

Today, he returns with more material, this time in the form of a 14-minute music video centered around Emotional Mugger. It’s directed by longtime collaborator Matt Yoka, who had previously helmed Segall’s clips for “The Singer”, “Thank God For Sinners”, and “Manipulator”.

The visual finds the garage rocker walking through the streets of Los Angeles, during which he has a run-in with a prostitute and witnesses a police officer brutally attack a man, and then literally drain the blood out from his body. The entire thing is soundtracked by a mix of Emotional Mugger tracks which have been reworked by producer F. Bermudez.

Watch it below.

Yoka spoke to IndieWire about the clip:

“The Mugger video is a reflection on Los Angeles (and in general, urban plight and anxiety). Ty and I are big fans of practical/in-camera gore and effects, so this was an opportunity to experiment with those traditions. It’s just important for me to use those effects as commentary (in the vein of Terry Gilliam and David Cronenberg). One thing I think is cool about the video, is that Ty and (the album’s producer) F. Bermudez remixed the album specifically for the video… unlike most music videos, when you watch Emotional Mugger you are getting to hear different versions/interpretations of the music—so watching this video is not really about hearing music from the album as it’s getting another experience from the Emotional Mugger dimension.”

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