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Wisconsin pop punks Telethon share new single “Mineral King” — listen

on February 05, 2016, 10:25am

We may live in a world of modern conveniences, but that comes at the price of a doubling down on inconveniences. Sure, we can move about our lives faster than ever before, but that just leads to us encountering more blocks to stumble over. Take, for example, Wisconsin’s Telethon. They were doing just fine for themselves in the small town of Delavan under the name Fitness, but as soon as they tried to make headway in their careers, they tripped over half a dozen other Fitnesses making music. Plus, there’s the inevitable Googling trouble with such a name.

Freshly renamed, Telethon are taking a pollyannaish look at all those minor hiccups that keep popping up in this post-millennial age with their new LP, Citrosis. Lead single “Mineral King” is all about accepting the crummy things we cannot change so we can get on with being okay.

Guitars angle around the track in ways that recall the pop punk emo right before the early aughts, with a sweetness spread across it all thanks to Nate Johnson’s keys. It’s the hyperactive joy that comes after getting over intense stress, which is just the right mood for Kevin Tully’s lyrics. “When up is down/ You’ve just gotta start wasting your time,” Tully advises. “That’s the only way to find out you’re okay with losing daylight/ That being coiled up and bursting at the seams feels fine.”

Take a listen below.

Recorded in just five days with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven) handling the boards, Citrosis will be self-released on April 1st.