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Cincinnati trio Mad Anthony shares “Tell Me You Love Me” — listen

on March 10, 2016, 1:15pm

“Mad” is the operative word in Mad Anthony, a trio from Cincinnati that’s currently in the process of releasing one song a week for a year. But before you start thinking these Rust Belt rockers are totally insane, they’re not exactly going at this project alone. They’ve enlisted dozens of musicians, engineers, producers, and friends from all over the US to collaborate on this fresh batch of 52 songs, and the results so far have been fun as hell.

Consider the band’s latest single, “Tell Me You Love Me”. It’s a swinging modern rock tune that isn’t trying to break any new ground, but it’s got all the prerequisites for a nasty little earworm, including a catchy riff in the verse and an anthemic chorus filled to the brim with “Hey”s and “Ho”s. Vocalist/guitarist Ringo Jones describes it as “a song about chasing a love who always shoots you down, when all you really need is validation.”

Speaking of validation, the band got some help in the studio from longtime friends When Particles Collide, who provided the vocal tracks while Tim Boutelle recorded the bass part. “It’s scary to hand your music over to someone else to finish,” reflects Jones, “but that moment of vulnerability was rewarded with a fresh perspective and evolution we wouldn’t have reached on our own.”

Check out “Tell Me You Love Me” below.