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Courtney Love tries to cover PJ Harvey’s “To Bring You My Love” — watch

on March 08, 2016, 10:55am

Photo by Philip Cosores

Courtney Love has what could be called a tenuous relationship with cover songs. Sometimes she comes close to delivering an oddly transcendent performance; others, it’s a strange miscalculation that ends in a panty flash. Last night, she offered her latest reinterpretation during an appearance with Kansas City Choir Boy collaborator Todd Almond at San Francisco’s Curran Theatre. Her song choice at first seemed perfect for a reverential rendition, but true to fashion, she mucked it all up by being Courtney Love.

The title track to PJ Harvey’s 1995 To Bring You My Love is a rumbling punk blues number that logically should be right in Love’s register. Plus, Love is an ardent Harvey fan, citing her as one of her most consistent inspirations. So you’d think she’d be able to nail “To Bring You My Love”. As you can see in the clip below (via Pitchfork), that didn’t exactly happen. Love over-accentuated nearly every syllable, adding bedroom karaoke affectation where an honest growl would do. Sounding remarkably tone deaf, she should probably avoid covering songs with long-held notes like the chorus of Harvey’s tune.

Watch the video below.