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One-of-a-kind cassette containing three unreleased Prince songs is up for auction

on March 16, 2016, 11:40am

A one-of-a-kind tape containing three previously unreleased songs from the High Priest of Pop himself is going up for auction.

Priced at a hefty $20,000, the cassette dates back to the late ’70s and was originally given to former collaborator/guitarist Dez Dickinson, who, along with Prince’s first wife Mayte Garcia and former manager Owen Husney, is sponsoring the auction. In addition to the trio of rare tracks, the tape features early iterations of “So Blue” and “Gotta Broken Heart Again”, and an unfinished, “virtually unrecognizable version” of “Sometimes It Snows in April”.

“Prince originally gave me the cassette in late 1978 because he wanted me to listen to a record he had recorded on side A (a female-fronted funk band whose name I don’t remember now),” Dickerson notes in the auction description.

He adds, “Sometime during the next year or so, I used the A side to record some scratch bass and guitar parts for songs I was going to be recording for a rock/power pop demo I was doing, recording over the original content. On side B, Prince had his work versions of 6 songs, which I left intact for, at that time, unknown reasons (obviously, we now know it preserved a piece of musical history).”

The auction is set to conclude on Thursday, March 17th. At the moment, this prized possession has zero (!) bids. Head here for more information.

Other ongoing Prince-related auctions include his engagement ring ($100K) and a 1959 Gibson L-Series guitar used on early demo tracks ($60K). Here’s hoping a set of purple pajamas will soon be made available.

Check out a picture of the cassette below.

prince unreleased songs auction cassette tape bid One of a kind cassette containing three unreleased Prince songs is up for auction