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PACES shares Rye Rye-featuring collaboration “Work Me Out” — listen

on March 04, 2016, 12:40pm

Australia’s PACES has recently been in heavy rotation on the country’s Triple J Radio thanks in part to 2015’s “Nothing’s Forever” featuring Kucka, and the first single from his debut Vacation LP, the Jess Kent featuring “1993 (No Chill)”. Now, as he preps his American invation, PACES has enlisted the support of B-More Club standout Rye Rye for vocal duties on new track “Work Me Out”.

Perhaps best known for her work alongside M.I.A. on 2010’s “Sunshine”, Rye Rye brings a similarly infectious high-pitched flow to PACES’ trop-house/garage hybrid. Currently 83 degrees in Sydney, this collaboration teases the summertime hedonism that is still two-plus months away for us in the northern hemisphere. Rye Rye certainly celebrates this escape, casting herself (and her girls) as the chick in every young man’s island fantasy. But Rye Rye can quickly put that sweetness aside, dropping down an octave and showcasing that slightly-veiled bad girl.

Since few globetrotters are fortunate enough for 365-days of summer, this track is a quick cure as the warmth of spring, outdoor festivals, and regrettable flings slowly arrive.