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Portishead’s Geoff Barrow shares new Beak> song “Timeshare” — listen

on March 04, 2016, 12:20pm

While fans continue to wait for a new Portishead album (or at least that ABBA “SOS” cover), the band’s Geoff Barrow has kept himself occupied with a handful of his own projects. In 2015 alone, he contributed to Run the Jewels’ Meow the Jewels remix album; released a split EP under his Beak> project; and worked alongside Ben Salisbury on the soundtrack to Ex Machina.

For his latest venture, Barrow’s Beak> have provided the soundtrack to Couple in a Hole. Directed by Tom Greens, the upcoming British thriller follows a couple that’s decided to leave civilization and live in a cave in the woods.

“It was a total pleasure to work with Tom on his film,” Barrow said of the project, “And it’s also been great to have so many people support a film that is as unusual and uncompromising as this.”

The OST doesn’t hit stores until next month, but today Beak> has given us a preview with the droning, premonitory “Timeshare”. Stream it below.

Couple in a Hole is out on April 8th; the soundtrack is expected to drop soon after.

Below, check out a trailer for the film.