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Stream: Sexy Fights’ debut album Too Far Out

on March 01, 2016, 10:05am

Photo by Kerri Hacker

Sexy Fights sound like something you’d find in a pastel-colored album jacket from an unmarked year in the 1980s. The rising Chicago quartet is fronted by Jordan Rose Brzezinski, whose powerful voice stands out even when it’s competing with layer upon layer of swirling synths and psych-rock guitar riffs. Maybe this is what they mean by Sexy Fights, as each song’s arrangement contains various sensual elements that grapple for the listener’s attention. Or maybe it’s just a good, fun name.

Either way, when we last checked in with Sexy Fights, they were boxing (or playfully teasing? We can never tell.) our ears with a throbbing synthpop single called “The End”. That song was not in fact the end, as the band will release their debut album, Too Far Out, via FeelTrip Records on March 4th (preorders are ongoing). We’ve got the full album stream below, but you’ll have to fight us for it. Just kidding, here you go:

If some of those tracks sound like they’re from outer space, well, it’s probably no coincidence that Too Far Out’s album cover depicts a celestial scene. It may not be pastel-colored, and you may not be able to find it in a dollar bin, but don’t let that stop you from supporting these Chicago dreamers, who make “Death in the Afternoon” sound like something to aspire to.

Too Far Out Artwork:

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Too Far Out Tracklist:
01. The End
02. Bending Light
03. Death in the Afternoon
04. Anemone
05. Sad:High
06. Endless Soul
07. Physics
08. Spiral
09. Slowdeath
10. Flux
11. Too Far Out
12. Drift

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