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Treefort Music Fest 2016: The 10 Best Performances

on March 28, 2016, 11:45am
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Magic Sword


Photo by Phillip Roffman

Originally pinned to play Radio Boise Camp Fire Stage, local electronic outfit Magic Sword created their own stage, light show, and art installation. Oh, and all of this was found on a moveable vehicle. Treefort attendees, however, had no inclination to any of this. As we waited patiently for the band to setup on the then-barren stage, the crowd suddenly broke into a frenzy. Everyone began to point at some approaching object: a vehicle dressed up like something Dr. Doom would drive into the apocalypse slowly appeared in-between Radio Boise Camp Fire Stage and the Main Stage.

Almost immediately, audience members found themselves engulfed in lit-up handmade butterflies flying high above, lightsabers glowing blue, and a giant glowing spider. It’s very clear Boise knows how to get down. What was even more impressive was how the community came together to make an experience worthwhile for one of their local acts. While Magic Sword struggles sonically in their progression and variation— they make up for it given their analog abilities; wailing B.C. Rich 80’s guitar solos, an actual drummer, and, of course, a keytar. Change it up a bit! –Phillip Roffman

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