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Cincinnati duo Dawg Yawp share sitar-heavy breakup song “Can’t Think” — listen

on April 28, 2016, 10:20am

It takes a little something extra to stand out in the crowded field of guitar rock these days, but Cincinnati duo Dawg Yawp seem to have an answer: sitar rock. Frontman Tyler Randall happens to be a master sitarist, and he brings the instrument into his songwriting to create sounds that can only be described as completely original.

With that said, there’s something comfortably familiar about a breakup song like “Can’t Think”. We’ve all experienced unrequited love in some form or another, so Randall’s lyrics about being “hung up on a love not meant to be” instantly ring true. With crunchy guitars, vintage synths, and sitars intermingling haphazardly, the song is all over the place and cleverly mimics the feeling of being, as Randall puts it, “unable to focus on anything except the desperate hope of a vibration from my cellphone.”

As for us, “Can’t Think” has all the vibrations we need for now. The song comes to us via Old Flame Records, and you can listen in below.