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Commit This to Memory: Celebrating Motion City Soundtrack

on April 26, 2016, 12:30pm
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Sorority Noise

Cameron Boucher, Guitarist/Singer

Sorority Noise

In middle school, Cameron Boucher’s musical taste revolved around classic rock, specifically Led Zeppelin and AC/DC. Then one fateful day, the Sorority Noise singer/guitarist saw a friend wearing a Motion City Soundtrack t-shirt. Soon after, he listened to “Everything Is Alright” and “The Future Freaks Me Out”.

“It was an initial change in my fuckin’ life,” Boucher says. “It just started opening me up to an entire world of music I never heard before.”

The vocalist kept up with Motion City Soundtrack afterward, from Even If It Kills Me to My Dinosaur Life. (“‘Broken Heart’ was a single, and my brother and I watched that music video like a million times on Comcast on Demand,” Boucher remembers with a laugh.) Then last year, the vocalist’s music career came full circle when Motion City Soundtrack asked Sorority Noise to open for their 10th anniversary tour of Commit This to Memory. When Boucher read the email, he chucked his phone across the room and jumped on his bandmate Adam Ackerman’s bed. For Boucher, moments both small and big resonated with him while hanging out with musicians whom he grew up admiring. He remembers the two bands rolling through the Limelight Eventplex in Peoria on a penny skateboard before a show just as readily as the tour finale itself.

The last gig proved to be a special show for Sorority Noise when Motion City Soundtrack wrapped that leg of their tour at Deluxe in Indianapolis. Much to Motion City Soundtrack’s horror, Sorority Noise appeared onstage during “Her Words Destroyed My Planet” to perform the synchronized dance they taught themselves from the music video. Then for the second encore, Boucher took the lead as the two bands shared the stage to cover Nirvana’s “Breed”. The Sorority Noise singer also cites “Hold Me Down” as one of the tracks that impacted his lyricism most. But he could never quite bring himself to tell Justin Pierre just how influential he was.

“I wanted to tell [Justin] that whole tour how every night being able to see them play ‘Hold Me Down’ and how much of a vast impact that song had in my life,” Boucher says. “I’ve listened to it. I’ve cried to it. That song has meant so much to me.”

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