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Criminal probe launched in investigation of Prince’s death

on April 29, 2016, 2:10pm

Speculation about the exact circumstances surrounding Prince’s death has been extensive in the week since his passing. Though there have been reports that it may be connected to a drug overdose, little information about the 911 call or emergency response to Paisley Park have been revealed. Now, the StarTribune has learned why so few police particulars have been revealed: The Carver County Sheriff’s Office is in the middle of a criminal probe.

In an incident report released by Carver County Chief Deputy Jason Kamerud, the Sheriff’s Office explained why the details of the 911 call and response have been kept under wraps by citing an exception to Minnesota’s public-record laws. The rule in question allows for the suppression of information if it’s related to an active “criminal” investigation.

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Specifically, the rule reads, “… investigative data collected or created by a law enforcement agency in order to prepare a case against a person, whether known or unknown, for the commission of a crime or other offense for which the agency has primary investigative responsibility are confidential or protected nonpublic while the investigation is active.”

It’s worth noting that just because there is a criminal probe underway, it does not mean there will be charges filed. Authorities have said that neither foul play nor suicide is suspected, but StarTribune sources say investigators are looking into whether or not an opioid overdose was the cause of death. In relation to that, they’re probing into whether prescription pills discovered at Paisley Park were prescribed to Prince and, if not, how he got them.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, Kamerud said of the investigation, “Some investigations are like assembling a 50 piece puzzle. Some are like assembling a 10,000 piece puzzle. This is the latter. We are months away from knowing anything. We want to take some time and do it well, not do it fast.”

Update – Wednesday, May 4th at 3:40 p.m. CT: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the DEA has joined the investigation. “They have agreed to provide federal resources and expertise in our investigation,” Jason Kamerud, spokesman for the  Carver County Sheriff’s Office told THR.


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