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Justin Bieber may or may have not insulted Prince hours after his death

on April 24, 2016, 11:10am

While most musicians have spent the last few days celebrating Prince with heartfelt tributes and performance, Justin Bieber is not among them. Depending on who you believe, Bieber either insulted Prince just hours after his death, or has made no mention of the Purple One whatsoever — which for a guy whose Kurt Cobain’s tributes have reached cringeworthy levels, that’s somewhat hard to believe.

An Instagram account associated with Bieber was captured making a not-so-flattering comment about Prince, as Yahoo! points out. Responding to an Instagram post by musician Andrew Wyatt declaring Prince the “last of the greatest living performers,” Bieber allegedly wrote, “Well not the last greatest living performer.”

Bieber’s alleged comment has since been deleted, and a representative for the singer told Billboard that the comment was “fake” and not made by Bieber.

All I know is Bieber’s same dumb mug appears on his official Instagram page and the alleged Prince slam. You be the judge below: