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Metallica’s Lars Ulrich and Craig Ferguson debate history’s most influential band

on April 01, 2016, 2:25pm

The debate over the most influential band in history is one that most aficionados know is largely an unwinnable one. Everyone has their own opinions and arguments, and agreements are hard to come by. Still, that didn’t stop host Craig Ferguson for trying to reach a consensus on his History Channel show Join or Die.

The premise of the show is that the network provides Ferguson and his guests with a list of six things — history’s greatest invention, worst tyrant, etc. Then the panel must converse and decide two by two which of the things should be left off the list. On the most recent episode, Ferguson sat down with Lars Ulrich of Metallica, Rolling Stone critic Alan Light, and comedian Tom Papa to figure out who exactly is the most influential band of all time.

Starting off with Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Run-DMC, Black Sabbath, The Ramones, and The Beatles, the panel begins knocking off the acts one by one. You might be as surprised at who the first ones to go are as you are at the final two, but it’s hard to say the last band standing is much of a bombshell. Still, the debate itself is fascinating, as they discuss the true meaning of “influential”, which bands were left off the list entirely (The Velvet Underground, The Band, U2), and exactly when the next Metallica album is coming. (Spoiler: Ulrich reveals he’s hard at work on the next record right now.)

Below, watch the opening and the top three moments from the episode, and check out the whole episode (through your cable provider) at History.


Top 3 Moments:

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