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Scottish surf rockers The Van T’s come of age on scorching new single “35mm” — listen

on April 25, 2016, 3:35pm

You could call The Van T’s a surf rock band, but only if your idea of surfing involves getting pummeled by a giant wave and/or attacked by a seriously pissed-off shark. Twin sisters Hannah and Chloe Van Thompson seem to delight in throwing sunny pop riffs into a blender set on “crush,” and the results tend to be as catchy as they are caustic.

The Van T’s latest single, “35mm”, encapsulates all the reasons they’ve begun to take Scotland by storm. Their scuzzy brand of surf rock takes inspiration from alternative icons like the B-52’s and Le Butcherettes, but the band isn’t content to live in the past. Like tourmates Yuck, they’ve shown a talent for twisting old sounds into something altogether new, all while keeping an eye on the volume knob (“11” is their preferred setting, it would seem).

“35mm” serves as the anchor of sorts to the band’s latest EP, A Coming of Age, the follow-up to 2015’s Laguna Babe. As the sisters explain, “Despite the song title being named after film, we really wanted this track to reflect the youth of today. In today’s world, people are infatuated with documenting everything and anything via the use of technology. Although this isn’t a bad thing necessarily, we feel the true moment may be missed while trying to actually capture it.” The song’s lyrics (which you’ll be humming all day, rest assured) include words like “instamatic” and “social-fanatic,” both of which are accompanied by a snarl that reminds you — threatens you, even! — to put down your damn phone and embrace the power of rock ‘n’ roll.

A Coming of Age will be released on June 10th via Bloc+Music. Listen in to “35mm” below.

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