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The Avett Brothers share stomping new anthem “Ain’t No Man” — listen

on April 15, 2016, 10:00am

The Avett Brothers will return with their first album in three years, True Sadness, on June 24th via American/Republic Records. The folk rockers’ follow-up to 2013’s Magpie and the Dandelion is once again produced by Rick Rubin and is said to be “more musically coherent and better executed and sonically more pleasing than the ones that came before it” according to bassist Bob Crawford. As a first listen to just how pleasing, the band has today premiered lead single “Ain’t No Man”.

A stomping cry of confidence, “Ain’t No Man” combines the rousing alt-folk energy the Avett’s are known for with a douse of soulful gospel. Crawford’s bass paves the path for an echoing chorus of claps and choir melodies that defy your chest not to swell with confidence. “I think of ‘Ain’t No Man’ as a self-motivating anthem,” explained Seth Avett in a press release, “a kind of currency to buy a little courage when you’re having trouble feeling courageous on your own.”

Take a listen below.

Fans can snag a copy of “Ain’t No Man” as an instagrat download when they order a copy of True Sadness in advance. Pre-orders launch today via Republic Records, and the LP drops June 24th. Find the full tracklist and album artwork below, and catch The Avett Brothers on tour this spring and summer.

True Sadness Artwork:

avett brothers true sadness The Avett Brothers share stomping new anthem Aint No Man    listen

True Sadness Tracklist:
01. Ain’t No Man
02. Mama, I Don’t Believe
03. No Hard Feelings
04. Smithsonian
05. You Are Mine
06. Satan Pulls The Strings
07. True Sadness
08. I Wish I Was
09. Fisher Road To Hollywood
10. Victims Of Life
11. Divorce Separation Blues
12. May It Last