Ticketing Steps into VR

on April 14, 2016, 1:00pm

More and more it seems virtual reality has reached critical mass and is beginning a downhill flood into ubiquity. VR’s ability to enhance and amaze will allow us to make major breakthroughs in fields like education, therapy, engineering, and staring at our phones while spinning in a circle.

In music, we’ve seen the first rumblings of VR videos from the likes of Run the Jewels, Bjork, and the Weeknd. Today, fast growing ticket marketplace Rukkus has taken the baton and launched a VR application for concert goers. The Rukkus app will now have a feature entitled, “ Seat360” allowing users to virtually enter prospective venues before they purchase tickets.

This advancement will give music fans a chance to check out the site lines and truly get a feel for an arena they may have never attended. For larger spaces like the Hollywood Bowl (shown below), the value here cannot be understated.

The Rukkus app also has the ability to securely share and send tickets to friends, along with Apple’s 3D touch to find tickets efficiently.

Hopefully in the next version we’ll be able to simulate how to avoid having a large sweaty man stand directly in front of you at a concert.

Check Seat360 out below:


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