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Tim Heidecker calls out sick in video for “Work From Home” — watch

on April 27, 2016, 3:30pm

Tim Heidecker may be going solo for his new album, In Glendale, but he’s only going “somewhat earnest” for it. The comedian’s knack for a wry turn of phrase is very much present in the album’s latest single, “Work From Home”. “I understand if you have no sympathy for me,” he sings on the bridge. “I understand if you want to dock me for the day/ I’m gonna make it up to you, this I swear.”

“Work From Home” is a parlor ballad that plays on like the drowsy languidness of the morning after a heavy party, which is exactly where Heidecker finds himself in the song’s video. Waking up on his bedroom floor, he dials up his boss to call out for the day. As he explains his situation, a long take follows him through the aftermath of the night before. From the burning bush to the feuding lovers to the passed out reveler, Heidecker passes all the daytime hallmarks of a solid evening. He even finds Foxygen’s Jonathan Rando alone in a room playing piano.

Rando’s new Jagjaguwar imprint, Rado Records, will release In Glendale on May 20th. Rando will also join Heidecker’s 10-piece band in supporting the album on tour. Find those dates here, and watch theAustin M. Kearns-directed “Work From Home” video above.

In Glendale Tracklist:
01. In Glendale
02. Cleaning Up the Dog Shit
03. Work From Home
04. Ghost In My Bed
05. Good Looking Babies
06. When the Cash Runs Out
07. I Dare You to Watch Me Sleep
08. Central Air
09. I Saw Nicolas Cage
10. Ocean’s Too Cold

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