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Bearstronaut revive the sound of ’80s soundtracks on new single “Black Bells” — listen

on May 17, 2016, 10:50am

Much of the sound coming out of Boston these days seems to be scuzzy garage shredding or sharp indie rock. But let’s not forget this is the town that birthed the likes of Passion Pit and The Magnetic Fields, and synth-based music still has a home in The Hub. The latest band to carry the banner is ’80s electropop revivalists Bearstronaut.

After building a reputation for themselves around town, the quartet bested some 8,000 other acts to win the Guitar Center & Converse Get Out of the Garage contest. The prize was studio time at Brooklyn’s Rubber Tracks, which they used wisely by tapping Jason Finkel (Gwen Stefani, Cyndi Lauper) to come in and help produce their forthcoming debut LP, Telecoast. As a preview of the record, the band today proudly premieres “Black Bells”.

“‘Black Bells’ is the first song we wrote for Telecoast,” frontman Dave Martineau tells Consequence of Sound. “We wanted to start the album off with energy and this song has a lot of ideas that we went on to explore later. We open our sets with it because it’s got a bit of everything you get when you come to our shows. We try to get into a groove right away and use the big hits to let people know we don’t look back from here, so come party with us.”

From the very first cymbal ride and blast of synthesizer, “Black Bells” lets you know in which era this party is set. The call backs to movie soundtracks of the 1980s are right there in the creeping groove and undeniable sway of the chorus. Drama is ever-present in the darker undercurrents, but it all coalesces into the sort of sweaty dance number that begs for dim lights, smoke machines, and floor lit up with neon lights. Take a listen below.

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