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Graphic designer turns Star Wars Episode IV into one long infographic

on May 24, 2016, 3:58pm

“The Internet: You will never find a more vibrant hive of obsession and ingenuity. We must be cautious.”

If the last couple of years didn’t clue you in, there’s no limit to Star Wars fanaticism. It used to be that anyone who owned every Kenner figure was considered at least a demigod, but now that’s all padawan stuff. These days, you need to go the extra 12 parsecs to turn anyone’s heads.

Our latest Jedi Knight is Zurich illustrator and graphic novelist Martin Panchaud, who curiously took it upon himself to adapt 1977’s Star Wars into one long infographic. How long? Well, 123 meters long; we’re talking 1024 x 465152 px / 27 x 12307 cm / 10.6 x 4845.3-inch long. Yeah, that long.

“This long ribbon reminds [me of] the ancient Chinese script rolls that had to be rolled in and rolled out simultaneously in order to be read,” he writes on his website. “I like this stretch between ages, cultures, and technologies. However, [the] internet likes short stories and summaries, quickly understandable content. With my work, I aimed to create a contrast to that.”

The Force is strong with this one. Using Adobe Illustrator, Panchaud offers a mostly bird’s eye view of the entire adventure, capturing every piece of dialogue, every ship, every character, and even every sound effect. The end result is something you’ll likely marvel and cringe at when you realize how long this must have taken.

But, doesn’t that sum up every Internet feat? Click here to ooh and aah.

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