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Naked Hour would rather it be the weekday on new track “Always on the Weekend” — listen

on May 26, 2016, 11:20am

Friends since meeting in a middle school math class, Teal Bluestone and Ethan Conroy have been through a lot together. An (albeit relatively short) lifetime of shared experiences has given them plenty of fodder for their musical endeavors together over the years. That all culminated in college when they met guitarist Jackson Dean Walker and formed Naked Hour. Now a trio, the Portland indie punk outfit will release their debut full-length, Always on the Weekend, on June 24th via Good Cheer Records.

Although it’s the shared history between Bluestone and Conroy that fuels the band, it’s the former’s personal experiences that provide the emotional groundwork for the new record’s songs. Her ex-boyfriend disappeared for eight months without a trace, only to return as a “horrible dark person that ended up making some not safe choices,” she told Impose MagazineDespite the twisted situation, it gave Bluestone plenty of material to create songs like Always on the Weekend’s title track.

“Always on the Weekend” is a song in three parts. It opens as a twee bedroom number, with Conroy providing light cymbal taps as Bluestone’s bass and Walker’s guitar chase each other. But just as the hook drops in, the track explodes into a ballistic pop punk wail of sharp guitars and crashing drums. The lyrics, meanwhile, explore “what ‘the weekend’ always seems to bring, confusing bullshit,” says the band. “It’s about letting loose and sometimes letting go.” With lines like, “I hope that she’s treating you nice on the way to whatever,” it’s not hard to figure out what sort of “confusing bullshit” Bluestone’s trying to let go.

Take a listen below, and pre-order Always on the Weekend here.

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