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Paul McCartney duets with 10-year-old girl on “Get Back” — watch

on May 18, 2016, 7:22pm

Last night while performing in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sir Paul McCartney saw a little girl in the crowd holding up a sign. Apparently intrigued, Macca invited the young fan up on stage, thinking she was going to ask him to sign her stuffed monkey. But the cheeky child, whose name is Leila Lacase, had another idea. “I want to play bass with you,” she told a stunned McCartney.

It looked like McCartney was going to try to get out of it, pointing out that little Leila hadn’t brought her bass with her. Sharp eyed and brave, the girl pointed behind The Beatle at an extra bass sitting on stage. “This could be interesting,” McCartney said. “Okay, I didn’t see this coming.” Seemingly stuck with no way of not letting the girl play without coming off like an old jerk, Macca shrugged and let his stagehand bring out the spare bass.

So on she strapped the way-too large instrument, slung down low around her knees. McCartney counted in to The Beatles’ “Get Back”, and wouldn’t you know it, Leila was able to play right along. Impressed, McCartney lowered the microphone and had her join in for a true duet.

Now, we’ve all seen fans hopping on stage to perform with their favorite acts before, but this little Argentinian girl absolutely takes the cake. She had the pluck to actually get up on stage with a Beatle, tell that Beatle that she wanted to play his bass, and then keep up — with a Beatle. Meet every music fan’s new hero by watching the video above.