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Sia randomly appeared on Survivor to gift losing contestant $100,000

on May 19, 2016, 9:45pm


Sia has many loves, from interprative dancers, to multi-toned wigs… to CBS’ Survivor, apparently. Turns out the Australian pop star is something of a nut for the long-running reality show, so much so that she went out of her way to befriend host Jeff Probst. That’s how she ended up being present for the show’s live season finale, but what she did while she was there surprised everyone.

While Probst was interviewing fan-favorite contestant Tai Trang, Sia suddenly appeared walking towards the stage. The host welcomed the singer, but was clearly baffled by why she was crashing the live show, so he asked her.

“I could not let Tai go home without saying that your authenticity and care for animals really inspired me,” Sia told a stunned Trang. “And so, I want to donate $50,000 to you and I want to donate $50,000 to your choice of animal charity.”

Yep. Out of no where, Sia crashed a live reality TV recap show to drop $100,000 in a losing contestant’s lap. Clearly excited, she said she’d decided to do it after Sprint stopped giving money to a fan-voted player a few years back, but was too scared to do it last year. Inspired by Trang’s spirit and message of environmental well-being, she felt now was the time to go through with her plan.

Trang struggled to find the words to thank Sia, but managed to be the kind of person that had inspired the singer in the first place. “We can not be so human-centric,” he said. “Without the whole ecosystem, we will be doomed sooner than we think.”

There’s probably never been such a happy loser in Survivor history. Watch the surprise clip above.

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