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Stream: k-os’ new mixtape Views from the Stix

on May 20, 2016, 11:30am

Drake can keep his views from the Six, because another Toronto hip-hop artist has headed to his family’s farm outside the city to get an entirely different perspective on things. Views from the Stix, the new mixtape from Kevin Brereton, aka k-os, finds the rapper at his most playful and sonically adventurous. Sure, the title might be a kind of silly nod to that other guy from the 6, but the tracks contained within this free EP/mixtape/whatever showcase a mind that takes experimentation within the genre seriously.

It makes sense that k-os left the city to record this one, because he’s never thrived on the infighting and the beefs that characterize what he calls “the game.” His inspiration comes from a different source — and a different vision of hip-hop — entirely. Don’t believe us? Look at the dude’s backyard:

“As a recording artist I’ve always tried to remain the observer,” k-os explains. “This is a hard thing to do in the music industry — especially if you’ve attained any level of success or fame which makes you ‘The Observed.’ Hip-hop is the music of the underdog, and when artists start ‘winning’ and become part of ‘the game,’ one can inherently lose the ability to see the forest for the trees.”

Completed in only three weeks, Views from the Stix is a collection of free-styled verses recorded over demos k-os created during his time in the countryside outside Whitby, Ontario. Though k-os shrugs off his own perspective as “just the viewpoint of a suburban kid,” it doesn’t take more than a cursory listen to understand that this guy’s outlook is special. Check out Views from the Stix in its entirety below.

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