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Swans share chilling new single “When Will I Return?” featuring Michael Gira’s wife — listen

on May 27, 2016, 1:18pm


In April, experimental-rockers Swans announced their last album to feature their current lineup, The Glowing Man, would arrive on June 17 from frontman Michael Gira’s Young God Records. They’ve already shared the album’s title track, and have now released the second single, “When Will I Return?”.

“I wrote the song ‘When Will I Return?’ specifically for [my wife] Jennifer Gira to sing,” Gira said in a statement. “It’s a tribute to her strength, courage, and resilience in the face of a deeply scarring experience she once endured, and that she continues to overcome daily.”

Aside from a slow countdown from four, the song solely features vocals from Jennifer. She utters each word as if hesitant to admit such dark thoughts as, “I still kill him in my sleep.” The lyrics are, at first, supported by nothing more than simplistic strumming and a light drumroll that comes and goes, though the backend of the songs picks up drastically in temperament.

Check out the chilling track above.

The Glowing Man Artwork: 

swans the glowing man album final Swans share chilling new single When Will I Return? featuring Michael Giras wife    listen

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