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The band Train is about to desecrate Led Zeppelin’s legacy

on May 06, 2016, 12:17am

The band Train — the musical equivalent of an Amtrak food cart selling nothing but saltine crackers and lukewarm water — want people to know they too listened to Led Zeppelin in high school. In fact, the band Train say their brand of generic soft rock was heavily influenced by the howls of Robert Plant, riffs of Jimmy Page, and bass-slapping of John Paul Jones. You can totally hear it in “Drops of Jupiter”.

Now, the band Train have announced plans for a full covers album of Led Zeppelin II, with the hope of showing the entire world just how talented Led Zeppelin were, and just how awful the band Train are.

“They are so hard to record, especially when you are trying to get as close a version as you can to the original. The mixes, the time that they put in, it’s crazy how great they were as a band. They were virtuosos at what they did,” singer Pat Monahan said in a statement. “I would love it if people get a dose of what’s hiding underneath Train’s songs, our influences, but we basically did this for the fun of it.”

Train Does Led Zeppelin II will be available in Starbucks everywhere beginning June 3rd, but instead just watch the above video, because the band Train’s biggest career highlight is playing an episode of the Bachelorette, now they’re now covering Led Zeppelin II, and everything is bullshit.