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The Last Shadow Puppets share new video for “Miracle Aligner” — watch

on May 17, 2016, 12:10pm

The Last Shadow Puppets found themselves in danger, buried up to their chins in sand in the first two videos behind new album Everything You’ve Come to Expect. Their latest clip, this time for single “Miracle Aligner”, trades in the salty sea for a posh mansion.

Peril no longer chases Miles Kane and Alex Turner here, but they do still have a problem on their hands: a case of bad, bad dancing. In the Saam Farahmand-directed visual, the two go heavy on the bronzer and can be seen overacting their way through a number of choreographed moves while a film crew mills about behind them. Is it all a purposeful cheesy, dramatic shtick? Probably. Check it out above and see for yourself.

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