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Tiger Army premieres new single “I Am the Moth” — listen

on May 05, 2016, 3:20pm


Los Angeles-based psychobilly punk rockers Tiger Army pay homage to a host of different influences with their music. From the pre-Beatles era of Buddy Holly’s reign all the way to the Ramones, lead singer and guitarist Nick 13 encompasses it all with genre-bending songs that touch on the major milestones of rock, complemented by lyrics that serve as biting societal observations.

You can sense this all on the trio’s new single “I Am the Moth”. There’s a hint of Morrissey in Nick 13’s voice as he roughly croons, but unlike the familiar deified icons of yesteryear, there’s enough breathiness in there to present him as an everyman. The instrumentation itself is tied together by a chugging Western movie-inspired guitar that sets the pace for the shaky theremin in the chorus, almost mimicking the waves a moth creates when it flaps its wings.

“I Am the Moth” speaks to Nick 13’s “lifelong love of the night, the idea that perhaps some of us are predisposed to this biologically,” he told Consequence of Sound. “After all, there must’ve been some original basis for butterflies and moths evolving into different species.  It also has to do with co-option of imagery and attitudes by people who claim to represent a lifestyle that they don’t live.”

Listen to the song above. “I Am the Moth” comes from Tiger Army’s forthcoming LP, V•••–, due to be released on May 20th. iTunes preorders are going on now.