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Top 10 Songs of the Week (5/13)

on May 13, 2016, 11:15am
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Well, Radiohead’s back. It’s all anybody is talking about. Whether you’re exhausted from talking so much Radiohead or tired of everybody else talking about Radiohead, we’ve got the antidote for you. This week, we scrambled across the world and the genre map to collect 10 excellent new tracks to get you geared up for the next inevitable massive release. Or the next Radiohead album. Who knows: They might just surprise us again next week. But probably not. But maybe.

10. Cassy – “Route to Thonon”


After a decade of showcasing the best of underground house and techno, Los Angeles’ Cassy is now set to reveal her debut artistic creation. Dubbed Donna, the June 24th release (via Aus Music) is the result of the highs and lows experienced during a period of divorce, relocation, and childbirth. Without even a single spoken work, “Route to Thonon” amplifies the anxiety at the base of so many of these uncertainties — a multitude of layers attacking the dance floor equilibrium. A relaxed puppeteer, Cassy pushes these elements to combative depths as she reclaims her live emotive mastery and the single’s hypnotic groove. A definite inclusion to your 3 a.m. playlist this weekend. —Derek Staples


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