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Trudy and the Romance premiere oddly dreamy single “He Sings” — listen

on May 13, 2016, 8:09am

Photo by Sam Rolands

Artists on the rise have a handful of ways in which they can stand out from the masses, from crazy costumes to bizarre band names. But Trudy and the Romance — an emerging trio from Liverpool formerly known as Trudy — rely on their unique sound to nab listeners’ short attention spans: a self-described, and quite possibly self-invented, genre dubbed ’50s mutant pop. (And nope, it has nothing to do with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — though that would be pretty neat.)

The off-kilter genre is a fusion of grungy garage rock and doo-wop-inspired instrumentals, combined with the metamorphic nature of frontman Oliver Taylor, whose voice seamlessly transitions between a fragile falsetto and guttural growls. Give a casual online passersby just a few seconds of Trudy and the Romance and, at the very least, they’ll be intrigued not by the mere existence of the unusual juxtapositions, but in how they actually seem to work to together to produce such stylish results.

Case in point: the band’s latest offering “He Sings”. Its beginning shares similarities in sound to Mac DeMarco’s daydreamy, DIY chord progressions. However, within seconds the track takes off down its own path, playing around with tempo by picking up the pace one second, then easing off the pedal the next with oddly dreamy structures. In their latest press release Trudy and the Romance said, “We’re a new pack of cats and we like it like that.” If this single is any indication of where these felines are headed, then we like it like that, too.

Stream it below.

“He Sings” will be released as part of an AA-side single on black vinyl coming next month via B3SCI Records; pre-orders have begun here. The track follows Trudy and the Romance’s previous offerings “Behave”“All My Love” and “Baby I’m Blue”.

“He Sings” Artwork:

He Sings Art

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