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Australian indie rockers Sleepy share new single “Edelweiss” — listen

on June 16, 2016, 9:00am

If you’re going to write dreamy power pop tunes, having a name like Sleepy is only fitting. The Sydney outfit operating under the moniker make just the right type of music for a laid back party of cheap booze and empty boxes of takeout filled with crushed cigarette butts. They woke the world to their sound with song like “The Ride Up” off last year’s self-titled EP, and now they’re ready to stir listeners once again with their forthcoming debut full-length.

Due out later this fall, the album is previewed today with the lead single “Edelweiss”. The track carries a floating sense of ’90s indie, all ringing guitars and tenderhearted harmonies. It’s like the band is trying to seduce you, somewhat sheepishly, into their arms. “If you need a place to hide/ I got my own place and I, don’t mind,” goes the chorus. “If you need a lullaby, I’ll oblige/ I can sing you ‘Edelweiss’, its alright.”

Yes, that’s a Sound of Music reference. “The song is vaguely about the grey area in between love and hate and tying to navigate different relationships,” the band explains to Consequence of Sound. “The song is in part influenced by watching The Sound of Music too many times… the idea of running and hiding from people. ”

Don’t run from this sweet tune, though; click play below to check it out.