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Brooklyn “sex-folk” duo Tammy share debut single “Hated It (With You)” — listen

on June 29, 2016, 6:10pm

Brooklyn duo Tammy describe their sound as “sex-folk,” which evokes all kinds of steamy imagery involving acoustic guitars but doesn’t quite get at what makes them so alluring. Is this music for the bedroom? Yes, emphatically so. Vocalist Brooke’s smoky voice plays off her bandmate Aaron’s arpeggiated chords to form a seductive one-two punch that plenty of listeners will be powerless to resist. But there’s an undercurrent of heartbreak and loss in the duo’s debut single, “Hated It (With You)”, that brings it out of the bedroom and into the barroom to get sloshed and forget. “I am wearing pink shoes/ And I’m forgetting all about you,” sings Brooke in the song’s opening line, drawing attention to the small, defiant gestures we lean on to cope with love’s crueler tricks. “‘Hated It’ is about trying to forget the bad, walking in the sunshine, and ultimately, moving on,” the band explains, admitting that Brooke wrote it while going through a bad breakup. God bless the people who hurt us, right? Without them to lash out at, where would all the music come from?

Strap on some pink shoes and listen in to TAMMY’s “Hated It (With You)” below.

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