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Courtney Love’s ex-manager accused of kidnapping Frances Bean Cobain’s estranged husband

on June 29, 2016, 10:14am

The relationship between Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Bean Cobain has long been a strange and tense one. Love wasn’t even invited to Cobain’s wedding back in 2014, though they’ve more recently reconciled. Just as things looked to be on the up and up, though, outside forces have conspired to make things weird again. Love’s former manager is now accused of kidnapping Cobain’s estranged husband.

Osama “Sam” Lutfi, Love’s one time manager who was closely connected to Britney Spears during her public breakdown, reportedly is under investigation for forcing Isaiah Silva, Cobain’s soon to be ex-husband, into a car. A police report obtained by Radar Online states that Lutfi and two other suspects “grabbed” Silva at 12:45 in the morning on June 3rd and “carried him to” their car. The report notes that Silva was “in fear for life and did not want to go with” them. His cell phone and $800 worth of property were stolen and unspecified “glass doors” were broken, with damages listed at $3,000.

Cobain married Silva on June 29th, 2014, but filed for divorce in March of 2016 after less than two years of marriage. According to TMZ, she officially moved out of Silva’s house earlier this month with a police escort, just days after this alleged kidnapping took place. Lutfi, meanwhile, is infamously shady, having also recently globed onto the slowly deteriorating Amanda Bynes. In 2009, Spears and her father received a restraining order against him, at least the third such document issued to protect someone from Lutfi.

Love and Cobain may be back on the right track as a family, but the company they keep certainly isn’t helping things along.