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Drake takes a job at Kinko’s in unaired Saturday Night Live sketch — watch

on June 28, 2016, 4:25pm


As a repeat host and musical guest, Drake has appeared in a solid number of Saturday Night Live sketches. Just last month, Drizzy was a contestant on “Black Jeopardy” and a emcee for “American Ninja Warrior”. But as great as the former Degrassi star has been on the show, not every bit he’s been in has made it to air.

One such sketch that was cut before SNL went live was today released online. Drake takes the role of Derek (or Der-Bear, D-Rex, Baby D), a Kinko’s employee on his first day. All he wants to do is fit in with the crew, but it’s hard keeping up with all the ridiculous pre-established banter the team has worked out. Like, when do you say “dot bizness” and when is “dot buzz, backslash tight” appropriate? It’s a lot of lexicological thicket to cut through, and newbie Drake is given a lot of crap for trying to hard. Watch the clip above.

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