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GTA V players just found a way to face off against Michael J Fox’s Teen Wolf

on June 29, 2016, 11:20pm

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V has been out for nearly three years, but gamers are still finding crazy shit the developers hid inside the code. One of game’s bigger mysteries was “solved” last year when gamers discovered a golden peyote plant that could transform their character into Sasquatch. But as Kotaku reports, the mystery gets a lot hairier than that.

The thing about the golden peyote plant was that it only appeared on a specific day (Tuesday) when the weather was foggy or there was snow on the ground. Suspecting there was more to the secret than that, players from the r/chiliadmystery subreddit tried to manipulate the game even further. Rockstar helped them out by adding more clues with every new GTA V update, revealing the location of more golden peyote plants as well as the times they needed to be eaten to unlock the big secret.

All of that buildup resulted in a pretty epic payoff: a chase in which gamers (playing as Sasquatch) had to hunt down and kill another hairy beast, who turned out to be none other than Michael J. Fox’s Teen Wolf. The first user to successfully slay Teen Wolf goes by the name of LeBlond, and you can watch the entire hair-raising pursuit below. It’s too bad Wolf didn’t have his trusted sidekick Stiles along for the ride, or it might have been a fair fight.

Kotaku’s in-depth report on the Quest to Kill Teen Wolf is worth reading in its entirety, if you have time to kill (Rockstar’s developers sure did!). As an added bonus, players can actually be Teen Wolf after they’ve slayed the beast. As an added, added bonus, this: