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Punk rockers Fakers embrace their imperfections on new song “15 Minutes” — listen

on June 15, 2016, 12:10pm

If you’re being shitty, at least have the courage to admit you’re caked in crap. That’s the message punk rockers Fakers want to get across (or, rather, slap you in the face with) on their latest song “15 minutes”. The Los Angeles supergroup — comprised of Travis Shettel of Piebald, Andy and Joey Siara of Henry Clay People, Cameron Dmytryk of Facial, and Ben Haywood — shamelessly embrace their flaws, knowing full well perfection is nothing but an impossible goal — a myth even.

“I’ve always hated self-help, pat-on-the-back lyrical stylings,” Dmytryk tells Consequence of Sound. “You hear it on the radio all the time, ‘This is the new me,’ or ‘I’m never gonna change who I am’ bullshit. Everyone hates themselves at least a little bit and that’s what makes lyrics interesting and honest.” He adds, “This ones a celebration of self-loathing.”

“I know I’m not an easy fave/ I’m boring in my chosen ways,” the band yowls on “15 Minutes”. Gleaming guitars intertwine like crossed wires sending off sparks and drums tumble and chug, a mix that seems to only egg Fakers on to be as open about themselves as possible. And they happily oblige, belting out, “And when everything goes to shit, watch me sleep through every fucking story.”

Stream “15 Minutes” below.

“15 Minutes” is off Fakers’ upcoming second EP, Sounding the Alarmists, due out June 17th via Chain Letter Collective. For more, check out the previously released track “I Wanna Be Jeff Electric”.

Sounding the Alarmists Artwork:

fakers sounding alarmists ep Punk rockers Fakers embrace their imperfections on new song 15 Minutes    listen