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Rainn Wilson purchased and went on Weezer’s $25,000 “bus trip” to the Galapagos Islands — watch

on June 15, 2016, 2:40pm

In the lead up to their White Album, Weezer offered a deluxe pre-order bundle for $25,000 that included a package trip to the Galapagos Islands via Greyhound bus with frontman Rivers Cuomo. Considering Cuomo joined Tinder (and actually met up with some people) for lyrical inspiration while writing the album, the offer initially seemed plausible. That was, until people realized that taking a bus to a South Pacific archipelago was entirely impossible.

Cue: Funny or Die’s latest video, which brilliantly pokes fun at Weezer’s laughable offer. The clip sees Rainn Wilson of The Office fame actually purchasing the package only to be utterly disappointed. In fact, upon meeting up with Cuomo, the frontman bluntly says, “We didn’t think anyone was gonna buy that.”

While the “trip”, aka The Weezer Experience, was mostly underwhelming, Rainn eventually did find something positive to comment on, acknowledging that both he and Cuomo share “very watery names.”

Honestly, the funniest part of all is that back in January, one fan actually did legitimately purchase the Galapagos package. Wonder if his trip was as interesting as Wilson’s. Watch the video above.