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Tom Morello says Prophets of Rage will record new music

on June 09, 2016, 12:25pm

Prophets of Rage won’t just be “Making American Rage Again” and wreaking havoc on the Republican Party. The new supergroup — consisting of Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford, and drummer Brad Wilk along with Chuck D of Public Enemy and Cypress Hill’s B-Real — also plan to release new music together.

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal (via Ultimate Guitar), Morello talked about the future of the band and what fans can expect from them in terms of new material. There are no plans for an actual album, but a few songs are definitely in the works and should be completed before Prophets of Rage embark on their North American tour in August.

“We hope to do some recording and release music before we go out on tour,” said Morello. “It definitely won’t be a full-length album, but we’ve got some… While the tour will be exploring, deeply, the catalogs of Rage, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, we’ve got a new song or two that we want to record before we go out on the road.”

Morello didn’t go into detail regarding what Prophets of Rage music would sound like, but he did reference Rage Against the Machine, saying, “The cold embers of Rage Against the Machine are now the burning fire of Prophets of Rage. Where Rage Against the Machine lives, is this summer in these songs that we are playing.”

He added, “And we have nothing but the greatest love and honor and respect for Zack De La Rocha, the brilliant lyricist of Rage Against the Machine, who is working on his own music, which I’m sure will be fantastic – he’s a great artist in his own right. But where you’re going to hear Rage Against the Machine is in Prophets of Rage.”

As for De La Rocha’s absence from the supergroup, he hinted that it wasn’t so much the frontman’s solo career that’s kept him from joining, but possibly a lack of interest in what Prophets of Rage were trying to accomplish.

“At this crucial historic moment [US election], you know Martin Luther King famously said: ‘There’s no hotter place in hell than for people who remain neutral during times of moral conflict,'” he explained. “This is a time of great moral conflict and we just basically said, ‘Hey, we have to do this now. We have to play these songs, they speak to this moment in this time, we have to cause a ruckus, during our North American campaign this year. Raise your hand if you’re in.’

“The people that raised their hands were myself, Timmy C [the bassist], Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine, Chuck D and B-Real, so that’s our band – and DJ Lord from Public Enemy as well, who’s a DJ and a fantastic turntablist.”

Above, revisit Prophets of Rage’s recent medley of Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn” and Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power”.

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