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Andrew Bird and Jim James team up for intimate living room set — watch

on July 20, 2016, 8:20am

Star-studded collaborations are usually the stuff of big festival stages and special compilation albums — unless you’re Andrew Bird that is. The singer-songwriter recently launched a video series in which he and a revolving door of A-list guests perform a cozy set from the comfort of his very own living room.

Cozy is the keyword here, as evidenced by Bird’s latest installment featuring Jim James of My Morning Jacket. Barefoot and at ease, the pair played an intimate 30-minute set which included two Bird originals, Are You Serious’  “Capsized” and the Soldier On EP selection “Sic of Elephants”, in addition to protest songs in “I’m Set Free” by The Velvet Underground and “Changing World” from Woody Guthrie. (James previously covered the Guthrie track as part of New Multitudes, a 2012 tribute album to the iconic American songwriter.)

Kick off your socks and watch the whole affair above. John C. Reilly and Reggie Watts previously appeared on Bird’s “Live from the Great Room” series.

Update: As part of the anti-Trump 30 Days, 30 Songs series, Bird has shared a pro-shot video of him and James performance “Sic of Elephants”.


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