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Boston “slow rock” trio Horse Jumper of Love premiere new song “Orange Peeler” — listen

on July 13, 2016, 1:35pm

Photo by Caitlin McCann

Boston three-piece Horse Jumper of Love describe themselves as “slow rock”, a label that’s both accurate and yet somewhat of an understatement. Though their music charges along at a steady pace, it’s far from monotonous — there’s often quite a lot going on in the spaces between all the more overt gestures.

That’s certainly the case on the band’s latest offering, “Orange Peeler”. Its tempo and tone are unwavering, like controlled breathing, but there are fragments of life as well as chaos peppered throughout — in the thick, discordant feedback, the chugging cutting riffs. It’s also evident in frontman Dimitri Giannopoulos, who sings about his beloved, in whom he tries to find refuge.

“There was a night where my view of the whole world changed with the crack of an egg shell/ I laid my head to rest in the hands of an orange peeler/ she said baby don’t be so down on yourself at least not tonight please don’t be so down on yourself,” he says, his delivery almost too calm, too low-key for comfort. “I hold onto your words like candle light, you hold onto mine like pantomime.”

Giannopoulos tells Consequence of Sound about the song, saying, “‘Orange Peer’ is a track I wrote when I was 18, it’s not super relevant to us anymore which is why we cut it off the [newly released self-titled] album. I feel like my approach to songwriting has changed a lot since then, but this is still a very important song that we played early on and it helped us learn how to play in a band together.”

Stream it below.

“Orange Peeler” is off Allston record label Disposable America’s upcoming mixtape, Special Interest, which drops this Friday. 100% of the proceeds from all pre-orders of the compilation will benefit Pulse Tragedy Community Fund. For more information, head here.

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