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Colbert cancels case/lang/viers performance because America can’t! get! enough! Trump!

on July 22, 2016, 2:05pm

On paper, at least, the folk rock supergroup case/lang/viers seems like a pretty solid late-night television draw. You’ve got Neko Case, k.d. Lang, and Laura Veirs playing songs together on the same stage, fresh off a debut album that showcases the very best of their combined talents. But all of that talent in one room still can’t match the misshapen orange juggernaut that is Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, at least according to the folks over at the Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

case/lang/veirs were scheduled to perform as Cobert’s guests on Thursday night, but they were unceremoniously booted from the show in order to free up more time to cover the Republican National Convention. To be fair, it’s not every day we get to watch monkeys throwing shit at each other on real-time television, but it’s also not as if Colbert hasn’t covered the RNC extensively by this point. A nice break to remind us that hope isn’t totally dead and the apocalypse isn’t totally imminent might have been nice, but instead we’ll get more jokes about Trump that aren’t really jokes, because really, how do you make fun of a man whose very existence is an embarrassment to himself and to his country?

Neko Case hopped online to express her frustration with the turn of events. “Trump needed more media air time,” she wrote in a sarcastic tweet. “We just wanted to play.”