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Donald Trump ends his RNC speech by playing Rolling Stones, a band who once pulled a knife on him

on July 21, 2016, 11:53pm

On Thursday night, Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination. At the conclusion of his lengthy 75-minute speech, The Rolling Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” played from the loudspeakers. An interesting choice for sure; beyond the fact that The Stones already issued a cease and desist order against Trump, guitarist Keith Richards once pulled a knife on him.

As we recounted earlier this year, The Stones booked a gig at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall to conclude the American leg of their Steel Wheels tour in 1989. The show was sponsored by Trump, but only after he agreed to not be involved in any of the concert’s promotion, or even attend the show for that matter.

Shockingly enough, Trump ended up reneging on his promise. As tour manager Michael Cohl recounted to Pollstar, “I get word that I have to come to the press room in the next building. I run to the press room in the next building and what do you think is happening? There’s Donald Trump giving a press conference, in our room!”

Cohl told Trump to leave; he initially obliged, only to return five minutes later.

When Richards got wind of Trump’s actions, “he pulls out his knife and slams it on the table and says, ‘What the hell do I have you for? Do I have to go over there and fire him myself? One of us is leaving the building – either him, or us.’”

Ultimately, Trump left the band’s press room, but not before “three shtarkers he’s with, in trench coats, two of them are putting on gloves and the other one is putting on brass knuckles.” Cohl said to he responded by calling the band’s head of security who “got 40 of the crew with tire irons and hockey sticks and screwdrivers.”

And now, 30 years later, Donald Trump is one step closer to becoming the next president of the United States.