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George W. Bush thought police funeral was the perfect time to debut his new dance moves

on July 12, 2016, 9:50pm

The prospect of Donald Trump being elected president is beyond horrifying, but we should all remember to be grateful that George W. Bush is no longer in the position to be anywhere near the commander-in-chief seat. Case in point: While attending the memorial service for the five slain Dallas police officers, the former president thought it wise to bust out a couple dance moves as the choir sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”.

Yup. Instead of solemnly singing along — as most of those in attendance did — Bush, grinning ear to ear, made sure to excitedly swing his arms and sway to and fro. Though it was a somber ceremony to honor lives lost, Bush looked like an overzealous kid either waiting to pee or anxious to get to the candy shop. Or, as Gawker writes, “the one person at a music festival set who clearly took too many drugs.” His wife Laura Bush can be seen awkwardly looking on for the first 20 or so seconds of the ridiculousness and it’s not long before First Lady Michelle Obama, too, becomes visibly embarrassed to be holding hands with him.

Check out the footage above.