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Ofelia K. struggles with love’s highs and lows on new single “Killing Me” — listen

on July 27, 2016, 12:36pm

Love often requires an intense openness. We’re talking the kind that can bring with it a blissful bond as well as a dangerous weak spot, because when the emotional walls come down, anything is fair game. That’s the gut-wrenching conflict that Los Angeles indie pop songwriter Ofelia K. grapples with on her latest single, aptly titled “Killing Me”.

“Is it all in my head? Am I wrong?/ Oh, you’re killing me, killing me,” she sings, her feathery vocals a stark contrast to the heaviness of her reflections. Though she’s the one that’s been wounded, she questions whether it’s her fault for having let the person into her world in the first place, her fault for letting her guard down; at the same time, she can’t bring herself to let this person go. “How come this hurts? But I need you so bad.”

“’Killing Me’ is about the strange paradox that those who love you the most can also hurt you the most,” Ofelia tells Consequence of Sound. “Loving deeply makes you vulnerable and the highs and lows can be extreme.”

Stream it below.

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