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Rising songwriter James Leonard Hewitson premieres debut single “Care Less, Love Less” — listen

on July 08, 2016, 11:00am

Photo by Nick Wesson

Summer is often a time for change — new jobs, flings, and friendships are often forged during the season’s sun-kissed days and cool, carefree nights. Up-and-coming English songwriter James Leonard Hewitson knows this transitionary period all too well, as it’s the focus of his debut single “Care Less, Love Less”.

“It’s okay to walk away from the things you don’t have to walk towards,” Hewitson sings in the opening verse. “Sometimes it’s natural to feel less obliged than you did before.” The music — his “fresh take on slacker pop” — leisurely mixes bits of psychedelic, surf rock, and ’90s Pavement-esque melodies for a low-key arrangement that mirrors Hewitson’s brand of cool nostalgia.

“It’s just a fun introduction to my music,” Hewitson, who may have once nabbed an award for “Best Hair 2009”, tells Consequence of Sound. “It’s just a light, humble pop song for you to enjoy in the summer, or anytime, really, anytime you want.”

Check it out below.

“Care Less, Love Less”, produced by Chris McManus, is officially out on July 15th via Endearment Records.

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