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Saxsyndrum premiere ethereal new song “Dawn Breaks” and video — watch

on July 05, 2016, 11:05am


Experimental electronic group Saxsyndrum — recently expanded to a trio — have become known for how they stylistically deconstruct electronic music and build it back up with layers of jazz incorporated into the mix. Their 2014 effort SXD_EP brought a fusion of electro-pop, though this time around the two plan to deliver a newly crafted sound. Their upcoming, currently untitled album is expected to arrive early into 2017, but today the duo is sharing the first single, “Dawn Breaks”.

“Dawn Breaks” — one of ten tracks that was recorded in the duo’s hometown of Montreal at Breakglass Studios — highlights Bergeron’s quivering vocals that often dip into his upper register, resulting in an ethereal and somewhat haunting energy that is uniquely his own. He sings of the ever-impending morning, and says, “As the dawn breaks/ Let out a sigh/ Beautiful fragment of sunlight,” while he too takes breathy sighs that bring the lyrics to life.

“Musically and lyrically, the song expresses the contrast between the uncomfortable loneliness of night and darkness, with the rejuvenating and forgiving qualities of the beginning of daytime,” the press release states. The accompanying visual plays up this juxtaposition, as it sees a “fresh arrival to the city through day and night.” The woman on screen encompasses both hope for her new destination, with the underlying sense of loneliness that stems from being surrounded by strangers.

Check out the video above.