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Tool “grinding away on new material four days a week,” may release an album in this lifetime

on July 31, 2016, 3:50pm

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but Tool have provided another update that suggests a new album may not be far off. The alt-metal legends released their last effort, 10,000 Days, more than a decade ago, and some fans have given up hope that they’ll live long enough to see the follow-up. But! As Loudwire points out, the webmaster for the band’s official site recently shared an update after hanging out with drummer Danny Carey. It reads:

“[Danny] added that they were very close to knocking out another tune, and that as soon as it was finished, they would send a recording of it to Maynard [James Keenan]. When I asked if this was the song with the REALLY unique time signatures, he told me that they had already finished the music on that one. Okay, admittedly, not exactly stop the press news, but what can I say, other than that they are still grinding away on new material four days a week, and would be back at it later in the week (once Danny returned from the Las Vegas glitz, Justin [Chancellor] from celebrating his wedding anniversary and Shelee’s birthday in palm-swaying Hawaii, and Adam [Jones] hunting for glossy treasures at Comic-Com 2016 in San Diego).”

We’ve learned not to take Tool at their word, as positive progress reports like this one tend to be followed up by more sobering updates. As if another vague album update weren’t torture enough for Tool fans, the post also had this to say: “Danny did mention the possibility of something happening after the record was released, but that this was definitely NOT a sure thing at this point. Since this involves something that may or may not even happen, I won’t (if fact, can’t) expand on it – only to say that: if it does happen, now that would be stop the press news!”

While the presses keep humming along, fans will just have to keep waiting for Tool’s fifth studio album. Nothing new there.